Compactor Plates

A super effective compaction tool to speed up the backfill process in deep drainage, deep excavations, pipelines, forming embankments, etc. A must for the professional civil engineer! Compaction is achievable in unfavourable weather conditions or where traction is almost impossible as the attachment is guided by the machine arm. No loss of attachment as a result of the trench side collapsing. These compactors are also very controllable for steep incline compaction.

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• Compactors to fit Back Hoe Loaders and excavators from 4-30 tonnes.
• Non-return valve – protects against damage caused by unintended back flow.
• Cross-line relief valve – Takes the stress off the motor allowing unforced momentum slow down.
• Self-lubricating bearing to save greasing.
• Hoses favourably positioned in side housing to reduce vulnerability.
• Compacts in lifts from 2-6 feet.
• Guaranteed compaction.
• Superior performance.
• No more settlement!

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  • "It’s a cracking piece of kit, wish I had known about them before. The amount of times I’m doing deep drainage, 5m deep, I used to use a ram axe with men down, but this is far better! Just put it on the end of a 360 or a backhoe. It’s brilliant!"

    Hired a compactor plate.

    Jon Hudson North Midland Construction
  • "Fantastic that breaker! and the service. It's pretty tough concrete we're on here and it just smashed through it. The guy who delivered it was very diligent and trapped the breaker in for overnight, I really appreciate things like that. It was thoughtful."

    Hired a breaker for a 13 tonner.

    Ben MBC Groundworks
  • “Your kit is bang on, you’re onsite in a couple of hours. I don’t know anyone else that’ll come out 5 o’clock on a Friday night. Your secretary is polite, I get put straight through to the rental manager. All your onsite staff are polite. We’ve dealt with you for many a year.”

    Hired a breaker for a 30 tonner.

    John Taylor Pennine Demolition