• Maximum efficiency
  • Up 25% shorter cycle time
  • Magnet pendulum with parking device
  • Multi-functional status display
  • Compatibility to various magnetic disk sizes automatically self-adjusting
  • Capable of extensive diagnostics



  • Compact construction with integrated power supply
  • Brushless, robust synchronous generator, electronically controlled
  • Wear free electronics
  • Pressure is automatically regulated with the intelligent valve unit making the hydraulics drive stable and vibration free

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Simple installation:

  • No complex installation on excavator required
  • Remote control
  • Plug & play: pluggable connections for easy commissioning and service
  • Housing made of corrosion-resistant alloy
  • Belt slippage is prevented due to the stability and vibration-free hydraulic belt drive
  • Dirt resistant housing due to special profile
  • Maintenance free components
  • Four-fold protection against short-circuit & overload
  • Shake-proof & vibration resistance
  • Parametrised digital generator governor
  • Clear and fast on-board diagnosis
  • Fast & precise localisation in the event of disturbances
  • Flash code for remote diagnosis
  • Self-protective electronics; protection against:
    • Short circuit
    • Loose contact
    • Interruption
    • Overload
    • Insulation fault
    • Over-temperature
    • Lower and over-speed

Weather; prevents water ingress. Generator IP54 rated.

Regulation of hydraulic oil, flow & pressure settings:

  • No precise hydraulic oil flow & pressure commissioning required
  • Automatic intelligent valve parameters:
    • Flow 90-250 litres
    • Operating pressure 120-350 bar
    • Maximum backpressure 30 bar
    • Maximum oil leakage 10 bar
  • Automatic intelligent valve recommended settings
    • Flow 140 litres
    • Operating pressure 300 bar
    • Back pressure 20 bar
    • Oil leakage 10 bar

Advantages of magnet plates:

  • Closed steel housing is wear resistant & vibration free
  • Magnetic circuit is protected from the outdoor elements such as moisture
  • Guaranteed easy handling due to optimal weight performance ratio
  • Steel surface allows temperatures to be controlled
  • Double connection housing

Operation of magnet plates:

  • No extra maintenance required although a periodic check of electric connections, suspension connections & housing is recommended

Intelligent Control:

  1. Efficient lifting with voltage surge:
    • Using a special technique, created to work more efficiently, the magnet has a higher cut in voltage allowing it to pick up more material, then the voltage is adjusted automatically. It saves working hours, wear & tear and is fuel efficient.
  2. Variable demagnetisation phase optimizes dropping:
    • Conventional magnets require time & gravity to release their load.   The 4TÉ Capstone generators use an advanced demagnetisation method enabling the magnet to repel its load rather than just release its magnetisation, therefore leaving a cleaner discharge of its load.

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  • "It’s a cracking piece of kit, wish I had known about them before. The amount of times I’m doing deep drainage, 5m deep, I used to use a ram axe with men down, but this is far better! Just put it on the end of a 360 or a backhoe. It’s brilliant!"

    Hired a compactor plate.

    Jon Hudson North Midland Construction
  • "Fantastic that breaker! and the service. It's pretty tough concrete we're on here and it just smashed through it. The guy who delivered it was very diligent and trapped the breaker in for overnight, I really appreciate things like that. It was thoughtful."

    Hired a breaker for a 13 tonner.

    Ben MBC Groundworks
  • “Your kit is bang on, you’re onsite in a couple of hours. I don’t know anyone else that’ll come out 5 o’clock on a Friday night. Your secretary is polite, I get put straight through to the rental manager. All your onsite staff are polite. We’ve dealt with you for many a year.”

    Hired a breaker for a 30 tonner.

    John Taylor Pennine Demolition