Rock Breakers

Over the last few decades, Mount Machinery has become known for its expertise in rock breakers. We’ve become the go-to advisors in the industry, the people you can trust. We are deeply passionate for innovation which is constantly shaping the future of rock breaking.

After all these years of learning, experience, and problem solving, we’re pleased to herald a new standard of rock breakers: the 4TÉ TouchStone Series.

Superb durability combined with a whole host of innovations have resulted in a range of affordable breakers that are nothing short of world-class.

Mount Machinery;

  • Are greatly experienced in the rock breaker industry.
  • Can advise on what is the best suited breaker to the application e.g. quarrying, demolition, civil engineering.
  • Can provide consumables to support the maintenance of the attachment in operation.


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The right product at the right price this

  • Powercell has only 2 moving parts. More reliable in service + less to go wrong.
  • Short downtime when the inevitable happens and the breaker needs overhaul due to simple design.
  • no protuding lower bush (which easily gets damaged and/or broken off).
  • Internal valve system, more reliable than external valve system.
  • We have experience in repairing all makes of breakers including; Atlas Copco, Montabert, Rammer, Indeco, Italdem and Arrowhead. In our experience, we have noted that all these breakers are susceptible to be damaged by cavitation but the 4TÉ TouchStone Series are not showing the slightest sign of damage by cavitation. Cavitation is when pockets of air in the hydraulic oil, damage the fundamental internal parts of the hydraulic hammer and send metal particles around elsewhere in the hydraulic system.
  • Full quality control check of all new equipment including a 45 minute Rock Breaker Test Run prior to leaving our factory.
  • Warranty is 12 month standard or custom options available depending on requirements.
  • Special service schedule contracts available.  It’s purpose is to avert breakdowns, cut downtime and hassle to an overall minimum and stop unnecessary costs.
  • We’re always concerned to make sure the rock breaker is runing right and at optimum.
  • We always seek to be friendly and helpful.
  • Always provide well maintained equipment.
  • We have a passion for keeping current with the ever changing excavator technology and learning how the systems work.
  • Ability to fit rock breakers to almost any excavator.

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  • "It’s a cracking piece of kit, wish I had known about them before. The amount of times I’m doing deep drainage, 5m deep, I used to use a ram axe with men down, but this is far better! Just put it on the end of a 360 or a backhoe. It’s brilliant!"

    Hired a compactor plate.

    Jon Hudson North Midland Construction
  • "Fantastic that breaker! and the service. It's pretty tough concrete we're on here and it just smashed through it. The guy who delivered it was very diligent and trapped the breaker in for overnight, I really appreciate things like that. It was thoughtful."

    Hired a breaker for a 13 tonner.

    Ben MBC Groundworks
  • “Your kit is bang on, you’re onsite in a couple of hours. I don’t know anyone else that’ll come out 5 o’clock on a Friday night. Your secretary is polite, I get put straight through to the rental manager. All your onsite staff are polite. We’ve dealt with you for many a year.”

    Hired a breaker for a 30 tonner.

    John Taylor Pennine Demolition