Selector Grabs

The 4TÉ CapStone Selector Grab is constructed with an intelligent chassis to prevent twist. Built to last, built to perform.

What does ‘Made in Germany’ mean to you?
…to us it means;
• superb quality,
• built to perform,
• built to last,
• and the pinnacle of innovation resulting in this great product we have to offer you.

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The 4TÉ CapStone Selector Grab series have an in-built loading holding valve which locks off the ram to hold the original pressure against the load and prevent dropping. The rotation motors have a protection system installed to restrict the flow and a dump facility to withstand forced rotation.

Among the many great features are:
• Load holding valve inside the cylinder.
• Reinforced rotation motor with integrated shock valve.
• High closing force.

Included in the design of this attachment are many little details, each contributing big benefits to the easy handling of this attachment.
• Low net weight.
• Bevelled saddle mounting for kinematics.

Maintenance plays a crucial part in demolition efficiency – all our attachments are designed with ease of maintenance in mind, reducing downtime and ensuring the product works harder for you.
• Lubrication with change of position.
• Reversible blades made of hardox 500.

Our products are not just designed to perform brilliantly, but are also build to last.
• Hardened ram chrome.
• Grab made of high quality, hard wearing materials.
• Rotary coupling seals approved to 500 bar.
• Cylinder with rear bearing damping.
• No ram bleeding required.

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  • "Fantastic that breaker! and the service. It's pretty tough concrete we're on here and it just smashed through it. The guy who delivered it was very diligent and trapped the breaker in for overnight, I really appreciate things like that. It was thoughtful."

    Hired a breaker for a 13 tonner.

    Ben MBC Groundworks
  • “Your kit is bang on, you’re onsite in a couple of hours. I don’t know anyone else that’ll come out 5 o’clock on a Friday night. Your secretary is polite, I get put straight through to the rental manager. All your onsite staff are polite. We’ve dealt with you for many a year.”

    Hired a breaker for a 30 tonner.

    John Taylor Pennine Demolition