Mount Machinery Eurocomach Hillhead

Mount Machinery has recently collaborated with Eurocomach to provide the excavator and attachment; an all-in-one package fully optimized and ready to go to work for distribution in the UK.

Eurocomach machines are fully customisable and each build is bespoke to each customer’s requirements. From the paint job to auxiliary line hook-ups customized to your specification.

Eurocomach is the only manufacturer producing a 1.8T machine, the ES18 ZT, with zero tail swing with a cab. With zero tail swing, you get optimal performance in confined spaces working in complete safety, focusing solely on the excavation operation, even with the cab door open, as it remains within the profile of the tracks.  The many configurations available allow you to make the best choice in relation to the work to be performed. The various types of tracks ensure that you are always grounded.

The ergonomic driver seat includes servo assisted controls, cushioned seat with armrests and motion levers with closing pedals.

The footrest pedals give the operator greater stability during the different work stages, especially when working on slopes.


Eurocomach Limitless power and versatility.

At the heart of the Eurocomach excavators sits the efficient and silent YANMAR 4TNV98 engine, designed and built to optimize performance and reduce fuel consumption. Ensuring work is done quickly, efficiently without annoying the neighbours.


The multifunction display allows the operator to view the machine status and choose the various use configurations using simple and intuitive commands. The lighted and analogue indicators along with audible alarms ensure immediate control of the primary functions.

Eurocomach machines come with time monitoring and service reminders and high water temperature or low engine oil pressure alarm with notification via SMS/email, so you are never caught unawares. As well as precise geolocation of machine on the internet and an anti-theft device with alarm and notification via SMS/email.