Mount Machinery’s high-spec delivery vehicles have been restyled with a dynamic new “double M” livery to make them instantly spottable.

We have become leading suppliers of excavation equipment, even trusted advisors to our long-standing clients, by listening to and understanding what you want. We plan to keep ahead of the field by constantly innovating and improving our service. So there’s more than just a new look to our new delivery trucks.

To handle even tougher jobs in even tougher sites, our upgraded Mount Machinery trucks now also have super heavy duty retractable vices and cranes, with extra long reach and heavier lifting capacity – all at no extra cost to you!

The quality and value of what our trucks deliver never changes. We still deliver the same vast range of equipment to get you going when the going gets tough:

  • Highly durable, top-quality hydraulic fittings
  • Adaptors
  • Quick-release couplings
  • Blanking plugs and caps
  • Pressure hoses
  • Heavy-duty red lithium plant grease or high-temperature, high-viscosity moly breaker grease with incredible adhesive properties, for really fast and really secure mounting
  • Loading valve with adjustable hydraulic flow and pressure meters and back pressure resistance gauge, for safe and correct connection with optimum performance.

Mount Machinery. Simple, honest, on time, quality service.