On the 9th September North Midland Construction (NMC) celebrated their impressive 70th anniversary.

The Mount machinery team wanted to show our thanks to NMC for their continued support over the years, and what better way than a cake!

So a sunny September Friday Phil was sent on the road with our new 4TÉ TouchStone FRB-1851-IPS breaker and the birthday cake. Our only concern was if the cake was going to make there. After a picture was sent confirming the cake was still in one piece before the delivery, we were confident that all would go to plan.

Karen and Lance met with Phil on site and whilst the set-up and testing of the breakers began, Phil snuck off to get the cake.

We are all pleased that the cake made it to delivery in one delicious piece. We hope that NMC enjoyed their festivities and we wish them many more.