This 4TÉ Rotating Pulveriser is truly an outstanding demolition attachment! Being German made and full of innovative features, this attachment is predominantly designed for more technical demolition and processing. With its wide jaws, it is able to crush concrete, separating the steel from it.

Crushing Forces Massively Improved!
A huge amount of intricate care and attention to detail has been utilised in the design of this attachment, to the point that even the geometry of the construction has been carefully calculated to ensure optimisation of the crushing force by creating maximum leverage power at the point where the most force is required. The point where the most force is required for crushing concrete is hugely different to that point when cutting metal. This is why a shear and a pulveriser cannot be incorporated into the same attachment and achieve optimum performance in both.
• Tremendously high crushing force!
• Optimized crushing force through geometry of construction.
• Increased power to weight ratio, more power/reduced weight.


The open and close speed is crucial in demolition. One second in cycle time can have a big impact on how long it takes to demolish a building. So we’ve eliminated the flow restrictions right from the excavator to the ram, producing a stunningly fast cycle time. Among the many great features are:
• Extremely large ports through rotary coupling with significantly less resistance to achieve higher flow.
• Special bespoke speed valve installed.
• Large internal bore hydraulic piping through to ram.

Maintenance plays a crucial part in demolition efficiency – all our 4TÉ CapStone series attachments are designed with ease of maintenance in mind, reducing downtime and ensuring the product works harder for you.
• Replaceable wear parts such as crusher teeth and cutting blades can also be rotated to gain maximum use.
• Additional side protection on crusher teeth increases wear life expectancy.
• No ram bleeding required.
• Modular design – wear parts interchangeable across several models.
• Optional link up to central lubrication system on excavator for cylinder and main pin pivot.
• On-site replacement of wear parts possible.

Included in the design of this attachment are many little details, each contributing big benefits to the easy handling of this attachment. The saddle mounting has been placed at an angle for versatility whilst working at height or on the floor.
• Low net weight.
• Bevelled saddle mounting for kinematics.

Our products are not just designed to perform brilliantly, but are also built to last.
• Wear parts made of highly wear resistant casting.
• New robust protection for the ram.
• Harder rod chrome.
• Better designed locking mechanism for wear parts.
• Ram rod and eye are one piece for lasting strength.
• New form locking innovative construction.
• Innovative construction ensures low pressure point which means reduced risk of fractures in construction.
• Extremely high flow accommodation.