After all these years of learning, experience and problem solving, we are pleased to introduce the 4TÉ SlimStone Series: the narrow but punchy rock breaker for the utility industry.

Being only 111mm wide, the FRB-351-IPU is a tool for the utility professionals. The narrower the breaker, the narrower the trenches meaning there is less to excavate and less aggregate and tarmac to re-instate, hence the cost savings are broad. The pipes come out of the front of the rock breaker so as not to get caught on the trench sides or if rolled over onto its side. Weighing only 84kg the 4TÉ SlimStone FRB-351-IPU is easily picked up and placed in the back of a van by 2 people.

• Reduced width – very narrow

• Easy to Handle

• Increased Strength

• Powerful

• Lightweight

• Simple Design

• Immediate side pipe protection