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On-site Service

Our Special On-Site Service…

  1. Every excavator’s auxiliary circuit is visually checked, set to the correct mode, hydraulically tested and its control settings adjusted or new ones set-up if necessary. We give meticulous attention to this factor to ensure the attachment operates at optimum performance.
  2. Specialist resources fitted to our on-site vehicles including cranes, vices, extensive range of tools, hydraulic hose racks with oil catchment facility, organised assortment of hydraulic connectors and fittings plus further storage areas for consumables. This allows us to fix almost any exigency we may encounter when fitting to excavators on-site without the need for a second trip to site.
  3. Having cranes on our vehicles means we can load and unload ourselves therefore we are not relying on or tying up your excavator.
  4. The vice means we get hydraulic connections to a sufficient tightness, lessening the likelihood of oil leaks or something coming loose.
  5. Consumables available for purchase on board such as rock breaker grease or disposable gloves.
  6. A little sweet treat with every delivery – just ask your driver!
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No Hassle – The ability to load/unload onsite ourselves.
Range Of Consumables – Good stocks of grease and other consumables for purchase onsite.
No Surprises – The tools and expertise to resolve virtually every exigency that we may encounter on site.
Top Performance – Specialised measuring equipment to ensure your attachment will be set at optimum performance.
Convenient Fitting – Hydraulic pipe adaptors and quick-release couplings fitted to your excavator there and then if required.
Eco-Friendly – Waste containment to protect the environment.

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