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We Are Steelwrist Agents

Steelwrist: a manufacturer of a tiltrotator with a determined focus on robustness combined with a fast service which is appreciated by an increasing number of customers. Mount Machinery are pleased to be able to offer them as part of the package.


Benefits of Steelwrist Tiltrotators & Quick Couplers

  • Cast steel for strength
  • Lowest building height
  • Vertical tilt cylinders for digging in narrow trenches
  • Grease lubrication for longer life
  • Front Pin Lock giving a high level of safety
  • The latest technology
  • 45 degree tilt for greater flexibility
  • Six channel swivel with high flow
Steelwrist front pin lock

If you already have a fleet of OilQuick attachments, no worries, you can still purchase your next attachment from us complete with the Steelwrist SQ series quick coupler which is fully compatible with the OilQuick coupler.


Tilt Rotator On Excavator



The most compact and optimized tiltrotator in the market.
Front Pin Lock is standard on all Steelwrist tiltrotators, a secure solution that works for all excavators

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