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Quick Couplers

Quick oil couplers - the seamless attachment switch.

The Seamless Attachment Switch

Operators often procrastinate about changing between attachments when a project requires a lot of switching, and will instead muddle through with a “one attachment can fix it all” approach.
Invest in a resource to gain exponential efficiency throughout your operations.

Quick oil couplers – the seamless attachment switch.


Hydraulic auxiliary lines to the attachment are integrated into the quick hitch meaning the operator doesn’t have to get out of the cab to connect the hoses; time saved, no more onerous connections & use multiple attachments easily on your projects.

Here are some other features:

  • Fully Compatible with the OilQuick Coupler
  • No more struggling with oil pipe quick release couplings which have locked under pressure or worn/burred up/collapsed.
  • Up to 40% saving on build height to increase break-out force.
  • Increased oil flow through coupler.
  • Seamless operation – efficiently switch between hydraulic/mechanical attachments effortlessly in a matter of seconds.
  • Uses Front-Pin Lock technology to improve safety.
  • Zero oil contamination from connection and disconnection of hydraulic attachments.

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