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4TÉ Excavator Tools

About 4TÉ

4TÉ is Mount Machinery’s own brand of excavator tools. 4TÉ is derived from the word Forté and is pronounced “FOR-tay”. The root of the word means “strong point”, as in a military fort and in our language not only does it mean muscle strength but also bomb proof strength-like character in build.

We saw that the construction industry needed a higher-level quality of excavator tools and excavator attachments which gave us the passion to create something new that would last longer. Since then, we have continually sourced high quality materials to build the best quality attachments with competent experienced people to achieve that goal.

Today, we continue to build on those strengths to develop the most robust, reliable, powerful and effective excavator attachments which goes hand in hand with our simple, honest, on-time, quality service.


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Do you long for achieving optimum performance from your demolition equipment?

A range of unrivalled quality attachments that are designed and made in Germany. The 4TÉ CapStone Series is a range of demolition excavator tools and excavator attachments designed and manufactured by people constantly innovating with 25+ years’ experience. The range includes Dedicated Shears, Rotating and Non-Rotating Pulverisers, Concrete Cutters, Selector Grabs and Rock Grabs.

Power, Speed, Performance and Production are crucial in today’s UK environment. It’s important to understand that inefficiencies occur when the attachment productivity is low which then restrains the potential productivity of the combined pieces of equipment. So, in essence, the more effective the attachment, the more productive the whole combined equipment can be. The amount of capital invested in an excavator calls for a highly productive attachment to match it.

What does ‘Made in Germany’ mean to you?

To us it means:

  • Superb Quality
  • Intelligent Hydraulics
  • Built to Perform
  • Built to Last
  • Innovation Par Excellence
  • Delivers Ultimate Customer Satisfaction.

All 4TÉ CapStone Equipment is made in Germany so keep a look out for our ‘Made in Germany’ stamp.


A base range of excavator attachments for the industry manufactured in an efficient and cost effective method yet still productive and reliable.

Over the last few decades, Mount Machinery has become known for its expertise in rock breakers. We’ve become the go-to advisors in the industry, the people you can trust, and we’ve been shaping the future of rock breaking.

After all these years of learning, experience, and problem-solving, we’re pleased to herald a new standard of rock breakers: the 4TÉ TouchStone Series.

Superb durability combined with a whole host of innovations have resulted in a range of affordable breakers that are nothing short of world-class.


A new dimension to 4TÉ excavator tools; the 4TÉ SlimStone Series: featuring the narrow but punchy rock breaker for the utility industry.

Being only 111mm wide, the FRB-351-IPU model is a tool for the utility professionals. The narrower the breaker, the narrower the trenches meaning there is less to excavate and less aggregate and tarmac to re-instate, hence the cost savings are broad. The pipes come out of the front of the rock breaker so as not to get caught on the trench sides or if rolled over onto its side. Weighing only 84kg makes it an easy 2 person lift into the back of a van for keeping secure.

The FRB-951-IPBL is another model of the 4TÉ SlimStone family again featuring a very narrow design but also is suitable for backhoe loader machines by being able to fold up with the arm at the rear for travelling on the road.


There are certain items any excavator operator needs and that is why we’ve set up a handy shop for you to purchase the essential items to help you see your project through successfully.

If you’re using a hydraulic breaker, why not give our 4TÉ Rock Breaker Grease a try? – it has a unique formula which prolongs the life of the wear parts of hydraulic breakers and prevents unnecessary wastage of standard EP greases commonly used in this application.

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What our clients say

August 24, 2021

5 Star
"I would like to say how professional Mount Machinery are. We hired a hammer attachment for our 30-ton Volvo in the afternoon, you had it delivered to site the next morning. The hammer was set up on the machine to the correct flows etc and you did not leave site until you were satisfied it was working correctly. The hammer itself was very powerful (well gassed up, new point on it and hoses in excellent condition). I cannot fault you in any way and would recommend your company and service to anybody needing to hire your various attachments."
Moorhead Excavation/Demolition

August 31, 2021

5 Star
"Having worked as Earthworks Project Manager for over 20 years in the excavation, demolition, remediation sector, Mount Machinery is my first and only choice provider of heavy plant attachment hire. Mount Machinery provided me with the correct information and support I required when I set up my own business, including ensuring that I received high quality attachments at a competitive rate. Mount Machinery provide a personal and exceptionally high-quality service, even down to speaking to the owners and directors personally to ensure my requirements of machinery are met. All equipment is new and delivered within agreed timescales and they are a pleasure to work with.
Billy Wright
Director, McArri Ltd

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