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Civil Engineering

Rock Breakers. Compactor Plates. Pallet Forks. Crusher Buckets. Ripper Teeth. Screening Buckets. Augers. Rock Grabs. Pipe Spikes. Excavators.

We have it all! We know how much the right equipment means to the industry.

Suddenly hit rock and need a hydraulic breaker fast?

Call 0113 244 0244 now. We will check we have the right size for your machine, bring it straight to your site and fit to your excavator with minimal downtime for you. Being responsive is our passion!

Rock Breaker for 6T Excavator_IMGP1088
Civil Engineering Compactor Plate

Are you looking for a more effective deep drainage compaction method?

Our range of compactor plates allow you to speed up the backfill process when completing deep drainage, excavations, pipelines and forming embankments.

Have a pile of rubble that needs removing?

Crusher buckets are an ideal way of turning site rubble into re-useable backfill material, saving you costs on having to remove old rubble and bring in new aggregate.

Civils Crusher Bucket
Civils Collage

Don’t want to break your bucket?

A ripper tooth will make light work of harder ground and save your bucket from breaking.

Our screening buckets are pretty good at screening material quickly & have the capability to be adjusted from the excavator cab.

Our augers are the ideal tool for digging identical holes for trees & fence posts or street posts. They make light work of it quickly. They are also a great tool if you need to bore down deep to drain an area of land.

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