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Prefer To Hire Rather Than Buy?


Lack of demand after certain jobs? Lack of space? Lack of maintenance resources? Lack of cash flow? Why not hire from
Mount Machinery – we have a vast range of attachments available for immediate use.

Try Before You Buy?

Need reassurance that the item you’re looking to buy really is what you want? Then hire it first. This way you get a feel for its performance and analyse the idea from a commercial perspective.

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Why Hire From Mount Machinery?

Here’s WHY:

  1. We have one of the largest stocks of saddles (mounting brackets) for excavator attachments in the UK. This means we are significantly more flexible to meet customers’ demands and can respond in a tangible time frame.
  2. We carry out a full flow and pressure check on your excavator and set-up/adjust if required. It’s the most important ingredient to the attachment functioning as best it can for you & is usually included within the nominal delivery charge.
  3. Customisable rates for short or long term hire.
  4. Our on-site delivery vehicles are like mobile workshops. Built bespoke for this purpose, we’ve already got it covered when some unexpected challenge presents itself upon delivery!
  5. We always ensure the attachment works on the excavator before leaving site, saving you unnecessary downtime.
  6. Our team values you! Customers are at the heart of our business so with a responsive, eye for attention to detail, a “can do” mindset it makes sense to hire from us.

Our Mission & Core Values

To specialize in the Sales, Hire and Repairs of Excavator Attachments in the ever-changing construction industry of the UK & Ireland using our expertise & knowledge. We are innovative, responsive, have a ‘can-do’ attitude, and give friendly, reliable advice, all of which connect to our commitment to simple, honest, on-time, quality service.

icon-timing Our Timing

Always being on time... if not before time.

icon-ourattitude Our Attitude

Having a consistent positive and honest attitude.

icon-ourcommitment Our Commitment

A commitment to innovation and excellence.

icon-thinking Our Thinking

Being open-minded and creative.

icon-ourservice Our Service

Clear minded dedication focused on customer service.

icon-ourselves Ourselves

Staying fit and being energetic.

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