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Demolition & Remediation

We like to enlighten our clients about how they can increase their profits on their demolition projects with our demolition attachments. All attachments have a specific purpose; the key is selecting the most effective attachment to do that job and getting the excavator set up to achieve peak performance. Peak performance = efficiency = cost savings = increased profits.

How using the proper attachments can increase your profits…

Our 4TÉ CapStone attachments are made in Germany and demonstrate outstanding effectiveness in performance. Demolition is a challenging environment for the sustainability of excavator attachments. The 4TÉ CapStone range was launched to prove its durability and show its true colours of unbeatable performance.

The best approach is dedicated attachments rather than a multi-jaw attachment. The reason being; concrete and steel require the most force at the opposite ends of the jaw cycle. A dedicated shear is designed optimally for cutting steel and a dedicated pulveriser is designed optimally for crushing concrete, so a multi-jaw attachment will not do either job as effectively as the dedicated attachments. We also offer the Steelwrist quick attachment switch solution to provide even better efficiency.

Demolition Capstone
FRB-8751 OPS Rock Breaker

An Ideal Breaker

Our 4TÉ TouchStone FRB-8751-OPS is an ideal hydraulic breaker for large remediation projects, where you need to break out large concrete structures fast. This hydraulic hammer can fit to a 50 – 70T excavator, has an impressive 23,500 joules of impact and can smash out hefty volumes of concrete.

Let us help you find a better way of doing demolition and remediation. Here’s a selection of attachments we offer for demolition and remediation:

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